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48''x 42''
oil on canvas

Vancouver Art Gallery
Official is an oil on canvas painting by Etienne Zack in 2012. Part of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Official came from reading and reflecting on Stephen Eisenman's book title The Abu Ghraib Effect.
Silent Frames
121''x 156''
oil on canvas 
Silent Frames, diptych 90'' x 112'', oil on canvas, 2011, depicts a piece of land in which a sequence of squares have been dug up and emptied of its archeological findings and soil. The patterns of the emptied squares are reminiscent of 35mm film. This work explores deep time and simultaneously new technologies. The painting Silent Frames was painted firstly in opaque colors and fully repainted in transparency two inches offset.
Workin' the Law
48''x 42''
oil on canvas
Workin' the Law is a painting by Etienne Zack exploring the concept of materials, social behaviour and the law. The themes of law, social behaviour and materials are elaborated through intrinsic notions related to painting, being what it represents and simultaneously what it is made of.
Post-Studio Shadows
72''x 54''
oil on canvas
Post studio Shadow is a painting by Etienne Zack from 2010. This painting was made in Los Angeles thinking about architectures, psychology, and the history of Light and Sapce movement and post studio practices.
Memory Maid
54''x 60''
acrylic and oil
on canvas
Memory Maid is a painting created by Etienne Zack in 2005. This painting inserts a fictional styrofoam sculpture into the memory of a scene Zack remembers from Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y (1997) a film by Johan Grimonprez.
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